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01 Apr 2021
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 01 Apr 2021

Arctic Ocean acidification over the 21st century co-driven by anthropogenic carbon increases and freshening in the CMIP6 model ensemble

Jens Terhaar, Olivier Torres, Timothée Bourgeois, and Lester Kwiatkowski

Data sets

A new global interior ocean mapped climatology: the 1°×1° GLODAP version 2 ( S. K. Lauvset, R. M. Key, A. Olsen, S. van Heuven, A. Velo, X. Lin, C. Schirnick, A. Kozyr, T. Tanhua, M. Hoppema, S. Jutterström, R. Steinfeldt, E. Jeansson, M. Ishii, F. F. Perez, T. Suzuki, and S. Watelet

Short summary
The uptake of carbon, emitted as a result of human activities, results in ocean acidification. We analyse 21st-century projections of acidification in the Arctic Ocean, a region of particular vulnerability, using the latest generation of Earth system models. In this new generation of models there is a large decrease in the uncertainty associated with projections of Arctic Ocean acidification, with freshening playing a greater role in driving acidification than previously simulated.
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