Articles | Volume 18, issue 10
Research article
26 May 2021
Research article |  | 26 May 2021

Simulating measurable ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics with the mechanistically defined MEMS 2.0 model

Yao Zhang, Jocelyn M. Lavallee, Andy D. Robertson, Rebecca Even, Stephen M. Ogle, Keith Paustian, and M. Francesca Cotrufo

Data sets

Data for manuscript of "Simulating measurable ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics with the mechanistically-defined MEMS 2.0 model" Y. Zhang, J. Lavallee, A. Robertson, R. Even, S. Ogle, K. Paustian, and F. Cotrufo


MODIS/VIIRS Land Product Subsets Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Measuring ecosystem CO2, water, and energy fluxes in North, Central and South America AmeriFlux

Short summary
Soil organic matter (SOM) is essential for the health of soils, and the accumulation of SOM helps removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Here we present the result of the continued development of a mathematical model that simulates SOM and its measurable fractions. In this study, we simulated several grassland sites in the US, and the model generally captured the carbon and nitrogen amounts in SOM and their distribution between the measurable fractions throughout the entire soil profile.
Final-revised paper