Articles | Volume 18, issue 18
Biogeosciences, 18, 5053–5083, 2021

Special issue: Arctic climate, air quality, and health impacts from short-lived...

Biogeosciences, 18, 5053–5083, 2021
Reviews and syntheses
15 Sep 2021
Reviews and syntheses | 15 Sep 2021

Reviews and syntheses: Arctic fire regimes and emissions in the 21st century

Jessica L. McCarty et al.

Data sets

AMAP SLCF EG Pan-Arctic Fire Emissions Model J. Fain and J. McCarty

Fire Inventories: Regional Evaluation, Comparison, and Metrics (FIRECAM) Tool T. Liu

CAMS GFAS Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service Information

GAINS Global emission fields of air pollutants and GHGs Z. Klimont and C. Heyes

Short summary
Fires, including extreme fire seasons, and fire emissions are more common in the Arctic. A review and synthesis of current scientific literature find climate change and human activity in the north are fuelling an emerging Arctic fire regime, causing more black carbon and methane emissions within the Arctic. Uncertainties persist in characterizing future fire landscapes, and thus emissions, as well as policy-relevant challenges in understanding, monitoring, and managing Arctic fire regimes.
Final-revised paper