Articles | Volume 19, issue 6
Research article
24 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 24 Mar 2022

Aqueous system-level processes and prokaryote assemblages in the ferruginous and sulfate-rich bottom waters of a post-mining lake

Daniel A. Petrash, Ingrid M. Steenbergen, Astolfo Valero, Travis B. Meador, Tomáš Pačes, and Christophe Thomazo

Data sets

Planktonic prokaryote microbiome: bottom ferruginous/sulfate-rich water column of a lignite post-mining lake, NW Czechia Ingrid M. Steenbergen and Daniel A. Petrash

Short summary
We spectroscopically evaluated the gradients of dissolved C, N, S, Fe and Mn in a newly formed redox-stratified lake. The lake features an intermediate redox state between nitrogenous and euxinic conditions that encompasses vigorous open sulfur cycling fuelled by the reducible Fe and Mn stocks of the anoxic sediments. This results in substantial bottom water loads of dissolved iron and sulfate. Observations made in this ecosystem have relevance for deep-time paleoceanographic reconstructions.
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