Articles | Volume 19, issue 24
Research article
14 Dec 2022
Research article |  | 14 Dec 2022

Interannual variability of the initiation of the phytoplankton growing period in two French coastal ecosystems

Coline Poppeschi, Guillaume Charria, Anne Daniel, Romaric Verney, Peggy Rimmelin-Maury, Michaël Retho, Eric Goberville, Emilie Grossteffan, and Martin Plus

Data sets

COAST-HF - data and metadata from the MOLIT buoy in the Vilaine Ba M. Retho, L. Quemener, C. Le Gall, M. Repecaud, P. Souchu, R. Gabellec, and S. Manach

Iroise buoy s data from Coriolis data center as core parameter support for Brest Bay and Iroise sea studies P. Rimmelin-Maury, G. Charria, M. Repecaud, L. Quemener, L. Beaumont, A. Guillot, L. Gautier, S. Prigent, T. Le Becque, I. Bihannic, A. Bonnat, J.-F. Le Roux, E. Grossteffan, J. Devesa, and Y. Bozec

Model code and software

cocopom/ipgp-detection: IPGP-detection v1.0 (v1.0) cocopom

Short summary
This paper aims to understand interannual changes in the initiation of the phytoplankton growing period (IPGP) in the current context of global climate changes over the last 20 years. An important variability in the timing of the IPGP is observed with a trend towards a later IPGP during this last decade. The role and the impact of extreme events (cold spells, floods, and wind burst) on the IPGP is also detailed.
Final-revised paper