Articles | Volume 20, issue 11
Research article
05 Jun 2023
Research article |  | 05 Jun 2023

Partitioning of carbon export in the euphotic zone of the oligotrophic South China Sea

Yifan Ma, Kuanbo Zhou, Weifang Chen, Junhui Chen, Jin-Yu Terence Yang, and Minhan Dai

Data sets

Vertical distribution of total and particulate 234Th, particulate organic carbon (POC) and nutrients with their physical forcings (temperature, salinity, fluorescence-based Chl a) Yifan Ma and Minhan Dai

Global Ocean Gridded L 4 Sea Surface Heights And Derived Variables Reprocessed 1993 Ongoing Satellite observations

Short summary
We distinguished particulate organic carbon (POC) export fluxes out of the nutrient-depleted layer (NDL) and the euphotic zone. The amount of POC export flux at the NDL base suggests that the NDL could be a hotspot of particle export. The substantial POC export flux at the NDL base challenges traditional concepts that the NDL was limited in terms of POC export. The dominant nutrient source for POC export fluxes should be subsurface nutrients, which was determined by 15N isotopic mass balance.
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