Articles | Volume 20, issue 13
Research article
06 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 06 Jul 2023

Exploring the role of different data types and timescales in the quality of marine biogeochemical model calibration

Iris Kriest, Julia Getzlaff, Angela Landolfi, Volkmar Sauerland, Markus Schartau, and Andreas Oschlies

Model code and software

Transport Matrix Method software for ocean biogeochemical simulations S. Khatiwala

Short summary
Global biogeochemical ocean models are often subjectively assessed and tuned against observations. We applied different strategies to calibrate a global model against observations. Although the calibrated models show similar tracer distributions at the surface, they differ in global biogeochemical fluxes, especially in global particle flux. Simulated global volume of oxygen minimum zones varies strongly with calibration strategy and over time, rendering its temporal extrapolation difficult.
Final-revised paper