Articles | Volume 17, issue 24
Research article
23 Dec 2020
Research article |  | 23 Dec 2020

A new intermittent regime of convective ventilation threatens the Black Sea oxygenation status

Arthur Capet, Luc Vandenbulcke, and Marilaure Grégoire

Data sets

Black Sea cold intermediate layer cold content from in-situ and modelling sources (1955-2019) A. Capet, L. Vandenbulcke, M. Grégoire

Short summary
The Black Sea is 2000 m deep, but, due to limited ventilation, only about the upper 100 m contains enough oxygen to support marine life such as fish. This oxygenation depth has been shown to be decreasing (1955–2019). Here, we evidence that atmospheric warming induced a clear shift in an important ventilation mechanism. We highlight the impact of this shift on oxygenation. There are important implications for marine life and carbon and nutrient cycling if this new ventilation regime persists.
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