Articles | Volume 18, issue 19
Research article
14 Oct 2021
Research article |  | 14 Oct 2021

Exploring the use of compound-specific carbon isotopes as a palaeoproductivity proxy off the coast of Adélie Land, East Antarctica

Kate E. Ashley, Xavier Crosta, Johan Etourneau, Philippine Campagne, Harry Gilchrist, Uthmaan Ibraheem, Sarah E. Greene, Sabine Schmidt, Yvette Eley, Guillaume Massé, and James Bendle

Data sets

Adélie Drift, East Antarctic Fatty Acid Carbon Isotope Data from 1587–1998 CE K. Ashley, J. A. Bendle, X. Crosta, J. Etourneau, P. Campagne, H. Gilchrist, U. Ibraheem, S. Greene, S. Schmidt, Y. Eley, and G. Massé

Short summary
We explore the potential for the use of carbon isotopes of algal fatty acid as a new proxy for past primary productivity in Antarctic coastal zones. Coastal polynyas are hotspots of primary productivity and are known to draw down CO2 from the atmosphere. Reconstructions of past productivity changes could provide a baseline for the role of these areas as sinks for atmospheric CO2.
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