Articles | Volume 19, issue 22
Research article
17 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 17 Nov 2022

Eddy-enhanced primary production sustains heterotrophic microbial activities in the Eastern Tropical North Atlantic

Quentin Devresse, Kevin W. Becker, Arne Bendinger, Johannes Hahn, and Anja Engel

Data sets

Microbial activity and nutrients measured from water bottle samples in a cyclonic eddy during METEOR cruise M156, off Mauritania Q. Devresse, K. W. Becker, and A. Engel

Short summary
Eddies are ubiquitous in the ocean and alter physical, chemical, and biological processes. However, how they affect organic carbon production and consumption is largely unknown. Here we show how an eddy triggers a cascade effect on biomass production and metabolic activities of phyto- and bacterioplankton. Our results may contribute to the improvement of biogeochemical models used to estimate carbon fluxes in the ocean.
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