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Research article
01 Apr 2019
Research article |  | 01 Apr 2019

Plant responses to volcanically elevated CO2 in two Costa Rican forests

Robert R. Bogue, Florian M. Schwandner, Joshua B. Fisher, Ryan Pavlick, Troy S. Magney, Caroline A. Famiglietti, Kerry Cawse-Nicholson, Vineet Yadav, Justin P. Linick, Gretchen B. North, and Eliecer Duarte

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This study examined rainforest responses to elevated CO2 coming from volcanoes in Costa Rica. Comparing tree species, we found that leaf function responded when exposed to increasing CO2 levels. The chemical signature of volcanic CO2 is different than background CO2. Trees exposed to volcanic CO2 also had chemical signatures which showed the influence of volcanic CO2: trees not only breathe in and are made of volcanic CO2 but also retain that exposure history for decades.
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