Articles | Volume 7, issue 10
Biogeosciences, 7, 3123–3138, 2010
Biogeosciences, 7, 3123–3138, 2010

  13 Oct 2010

13 Oct 2010

The enigmatic ichnofossil Tisoa siphonalis and widespread authigenic seep carbonate formation during the Late Pliensbachian in southern France

B. van de Schootbrugge et al.

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Paleobiogeoscience: Marine Record
Reconstructing past variations in environmental conditions and paleoproductivity over the last  ∼ 8000 years off north-central Chile (30° S)
Práxedes Muñoz, Lorena Rebolledo, Laurent Dezileau, Antonio Maldonado, Christoph Mayr, Paola Cárdenas, Carina B. Lange, Katherine Lalangui, Gloria Sanchez, Marco Salamanca, Karen Araya, Ignacio Jara, Gabriel Easton, and Marcel Ramos
Biogeosciences, 17, 5763–5785,,, 2020
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Vertical distribution of planktic foraminifera through an Oxygen Minimum Zone: how assemblages and shell morphology reflect oxygen concentrations
Catherine V. Davis, Karen Wishner, Willem Renema, and Pincelli M. Hull
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript accepted for BG
A 15-million-year-long record of phenotypic evolution in the heavily calcified coccolithophore Helicosphaera and its biogeochemical implications
Luka Šupraha and Jorijntje Henderiks
Biogeosciences, 17, 2955–2969,,, 2020
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Shell chemistry of the boreal Campanian bivalve Rastellum diluvianum (Linnaeus, 1767) reveals temperature seasonality, growth rates and life cycle of an extinct Cretaceous oyster
Niels J. de Winter, Clemens V. Ullmann, Anne M. Sørensen, Nicolas Thibault, Steven Goderis, Stijn J. M. Van Malderen, Christophe Snoeck, Stijn Goolaerts, Frank Vanhaecke, and Philippe Claeys
Biogeosciences, 17, 2897–2922,,, 2020
Short summary
Southern California margin benthic foraminiferal assemblages record recent centennial-scale changes in oxygen minimum zone
Hannah M. Palmer, Tessa M. Hill, Peter D. Roopnarine, Sarah E. Myhre, Katherine R. Reyes, and Jonas T. Donnenfield
Biogeosciences, 17, 2923–2937,,, 2020
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