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Research article
03 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 03 Jan 2024

Origin and role of non-skeletal carbonate in coralligenous build-ups: new geobiological perspectives in biomineralization processes

Mara Cipriani, Carmine Apollaro, Daniela Basso, Pietro Bazzicalupo, Marco Bertolino, Valentina Alice Bracchi, Fabio Bruno, Gabriele Costa, Rocco Dominici, Alessandro Gallo, Maurizio Muzzupappa, Antonietta Rosso, Rossana Sanfilippo, Francesco Sciuto, Giovanni Vespasiano, and Adriano Guido

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Ocean liming effects on dissolved organic matter dynamics
Chiara Santinelli, Silvia Valsecchi, Simona Retelletti Brogi, Giancarlo Bachi, Giovanni Checcucci, Mirco Guerrazzi, Elisa Camatti, Stefano Caserini, Arianna Azzellino, and Daniela Basso
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Data reporting and sharing for ocean alkalinity enhancement research
Li-Qing Jiang, Adam V. Subhas, Daniela Basso, Katja Fennel, and Jean-Pierre Gattuso
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Mesocosm experiments in ocean alkalinity enhancement research
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Late Holocene pteropod distribution across the base of the south-eastern Mediterranean margin: the importance of the > 63 µm fraction
Valentina Beccari, Ahuva Almogi-Labin, Daniela Basso, Giuliana Panieri, Yizhaq Makovsky, Irka Hajdas, and Silvia Spezzaferri
J. Micropalaeontol., 42, 13–29,,, 2023
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A 300 000-year record of cold-water coral mound build-up at the East Melilla Coral Province (SE Alboran Sea, western Mediterranean)
Robin Fentimen, Eline Feenstra, Andres Rüggeberg, Efraim Hall, Valentin Rime, Torsten Vennemann, Irka Hajdas, Antonietta Rosso, David Van Rooij, Thierry Adatte, Hendrik Vogel, Norbert Frank, and Anneleen Foubert
Clim. Past, 18, 1915–1945,,, 2022
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Paleobiogeoscience: Marine Record
Ideas and perspectives: Human impacts alter the marine fossil record
Rafał Nawrot, Martin Zuschin, Adam Tomašových, Michał Kowalewski, and Daniele Scarponi
Biogeosciences, 21, 2177–2188,,, 2024
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Serpulid microbialitic bioherms from the upper Sarmatian (Middle Miocene) of the central Paratethys Sea (NW Hungary) – witnesses of a microbial sea
Mathias Harzhauser, Oleg Mandic, and Werner E. Piller
Biogeosciences, 20, 4775–4794,,, 2023
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Massive corals record deforestation in Malaysian Borneo through sediments in river discharge
Walid Naciri, Arnoud Boom, Matthew Payne, Nicola Browne, Noreen J. Evans, Philip Holdship, Kai Rankenburg, Ramasamy Nagarajan, Bradley J. McDonald, Jennifer McIlwain, and Jens Zinke
Biogeosciences, 20, 1587–1604,,, 2023
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Calcification response of planktic foraminifera to environmental change in the western Mediterranean Sea during the industrial era
Thibauld M. Béjard, Andrés S. Rigual-Hernández, José A. Flores, Javier P. Tarruella, Xavier Durrieu de Madron, Isabel Cacho, Neghar Haghipour, Aidan Hunter, and Francisco J. Sierro
Biogeosciences, 20, 1505–1528,,, 2023
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Nature and origin of variations in pelagic carbonate production in the tropical ocean since the mid-Miocene (ODP Site 927)
Pauline Cornuault, Thomas Westerhold, Heiko Pälike, Torsten Bickert, Karl-Heinz Baumann, and Michal Kucera
Biogeosciences, 20, 597–618,,, 2023
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Who constructs the build-ups of the Mediterranean Sea? What is the role of skeletal and soft-bodied organisms in these bioconstructions? Do bacteria play a role in their formation? In this research, for the first time, the coralligenous of the Mediterranean shelf is studied from a geobiological point of view with an interdisciplinary biological and geological approach, highlighting important biotic relationships that can be used in interpreting the fossil build-up systems.
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