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06 Feb 2015
Research article |  | 06 Feb 2015

Authigenic apatite and octacalcium phosphate formation due to adsorption–precipitation switching across estuarine salinity gradients

J. F. Oxmann and L. Schwendenmann

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Cretaceous oceanic anoxic events prolonged by phosphorus cycle feedbacks
Sebastian Beil, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Ann Holbourn, Florian Scholz, Julian Oxmann, Klaus Wallmann, Janne Lorenzen, Mohamed Aquit, and El Hassane Chellai
Clim. Past, 16, 757–782,,, 2020
Short summary
Quantification of octacalcium phosphate, authigenic apatite and detrital apatite in coastal sediments using differential dissolution and standard addition
J. F. Oxmann and L. Schwendenmann
Ocean Sci., 10, 571–585,,, 2014
Technical Note: An X-ray absorption method for the identification of calcium phosphate species using peak-height ratios
J. F. Oxmann
Biogeosciences, 11, 2169–2183,,, 2014

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Biogeochemistry: Sediment
Assessing global-scale organic matter reactivity patterns in marine sediments using a lognormal reactive continuum model
Sinan Xu, Bo Liu, Sandra Arndt, Sabine Kasten, and Zijun Wu
Biogeosciences, 20, 2251–2263,,, 2023
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Evidence of cryptic methane cycling and non-methanogenic methylamine consumption in the sulfate-reducing zone of sediment in the Santa Barbara Basin, California
Sebastian Jian Ernst Krause, Jiarui Liu, David J. Yousavich, DeMarcus Robinson, David Hoyt, Qianhui Qin, Frank Wenzhoefer, Felix Janssen, David Valentine, and Tina Treude
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Deposit-feeding of Nonionellina labradorica (foraminifera) from an Arctic methane seep site and possible association with a methanotroph
Christiane Schmidt, Emmanuelle Geslin, Joan M. Bernhard, Charlotte LeKieffre, Mette Marianne Svenning, Helene Roberge, Magali Schweizer, and Giuliana Panieri
Biogeosciences, 19, 3897–3909,,, 2022
Short summary
Benthic silicon cycling in the Arctic Barents Sea: a reaction–transport model study
James P. J. Ward, Katharine R. Hendry, Sandra Arndt, Johan C. Faust, Felipe S. Freitas, Sian F. Henley, Jeffrey W. Krause, Christian März, Allyson C. Tessin, and Ruth L. Airs
Biogeosciences, 19, 3445–3467,,, 2022
Short summary
Long-term incubations provide insight into the mechanisms of anaerobic oxidation of methane in methanogenic lake sediments
Hanni Vigderovich, Werner Eckert, Michal Elul, Maxim Rubin-Blum, Marcus Elvert, and Orit Sivan
Biogeosciences, 19, 2313–2331,,, 2022
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