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Research article
08 Nov 2017
Research article |  | 08 Nov 2017

Seasonal variability of the inorganic carbon system in a large coastal plain estuary

Andrew Joesoef, David L. Kirchman, Christopher K. Sommerfield, and Wei-Jun Cai

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Air–water fluxes and sources of carbon dioxide in the Delaware Estuary: spatial and seasonal variability
A. Joesoef, W.-J. Huang, Y. Gao, and W.-J. Cai
Biogeosciences, 12, 6085–6101,,, 2015
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Biogeochemistry: Coastal Ocean
UAV approaches for improved mapping of vegetation cover and estimation of carbon storage of small saltmarshes: examples from Loch Fleet, northeast Scotland
William Hiles, Lucy C. Miller, Craig Smeaton, and William E. N. Austin
Biogeosciences, 21, 929–948,,, 2024
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Iron “ore” nothing: benthic iron fluxes from the oxygen-deficient Santa Barbara Basin enhance phytoplankton productivity in surface waters
De'Marcus Robinson, Anh L. D. Pham, David J. Yousavich, Felix Janssen, Frank Wenzhöfer, Eleanor C. Arrington, Kelsey M. Gosselin, Marco Sandoval-Belmar, Matthew Mar, David L. Valentine, Daniele Bianchi, and Tina Treude
Biogeosciences, 21, 773–788,,, 2024
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Marine anoxia initiates giant sulfur-oxidizing bacterial mat proliferation and associated changes in benthic nitrogen, sulfur, and iron cycling in the Santa Barbara Basin, California Borderland
David J. Yousavich, De'Marcus Robinson, Xuefeng Peng, Sebastian J. E. Krause, Frank Wenzhöfer, Felix Janssen, Na Liu, Jonathan Tarn, Franklin Kinnaman, David L. Valentine, and Tina Treude
Biogeosciences, 21, 789–809,,, 2024
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Uncertainty in the evolution of northwestern North Atlantic circulation leads to diverging biogeochemical projections
Krysten Rutherford, Katja Fennel, Lina Garcia Suarez, and Jasmin G. John
Biogeosciences, 21, 301–314,,, 2024
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The additionality problem of ocean alkalinity enhancement
Lennart Thomas Bach
Biogeosciences, 21, 261–277,,, 2024
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In this paper, we focus on key, poorly understood properties of carbonate geochemistry in one of the largest estuaries in North America. We explore how varying environmental factors impact estuarine inorganic carbon fluxes and seasonal net ecosystem production. Comparisons with long-term records highlight the significance of tributary inputs as well as a regional shift towards increased riverine bicarbonate concentrations.
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