Articles | Volume 16, issue 19
Biogeosciences, 16, 3777–3792, 2019
Biogeosciences, 16, 3777–3792, 2019

Research article 02 Oct 2019

Research article | 02 Oct 2019

Seasonal and spatial patterns of primary production in a high-latitude fjord affected by Greenland Ice Sheet run-off

Johnna M. Holding et al.

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Review article: How does glacier discharge affect marine biogeochemistry and primary production in the Arctic?
Mark J. Hopwood, Dustin Carroll, Thorben Dunse, Andy Hodson, Johnna M. Holding, José L. Iriarte, Sofia Ribeiro, Eric P. Achterberg, Carolina Cantoni, Daniel F. Carlson, Melissa Chierici, Jennifer S. Clarke, Stefano Cozzi, Agneta Fransson, Thomas Juul-Pedersen, Mie H. S. Winding, and Lorenz Meire
The Cryosphere, 14, 1347–1383,,, 2020
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A Lagrangian study of the contribution of the Canary coastal upwelling to the nitrogen budget of the open North Atlantic
Derara Hailegeorgis, Zouhair Lachkar, Christoph Rieper, and Nicolas Gruber
Biogeosciences, 18, 303–325,,, 2021
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Denitrification by benthic foraminifera and their contribution to N-loss from a fjord environment
Constance Choquel, Emmanuelle Geslin, Edouard Metzger, Helena L. Filipsson, Nils Risgaard-Petersen, Patrick Launeau, Manuel Giraud, Thierry Jauffrais, Bruno Jesus, and Aurélia Mouret
Biogeosciences, 18, 327–341,,, 2021
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A numerical model study of the main factors contributing to hypoxia and its interannual and short-term variability in the East China Sea
Haiyan Zhang, Katja Fennel, Arnaud Laurent, and Changwei Bian
Biogeosciences, 17, 5745–5761,,, 2020
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The effects of decomposing invasive jellyfish on biogeochemical fluxes and microbial dynamics in an ultra-oligotrophic sea
Tamar Guy-Haim, Maxim Rubin-Blum, Eyal Rahav, Natalia Belkin, Jacob Silverman, and Guy Sisma-Ventura
Biogeosciences, 17, 5489–5511,,, 2020
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Using 226Ra and 228Ra isotopes to distinguish water mass distribution in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Chantal Mears, Helmuth Thomas, Paul B. Henderson, Matthew A. Charette, Hugh MacIntyre, Frank Dehairs, Christophe Monnin, and Alfonso Mucci
Biogeosciences, 17, 4937–4959,,, 2020
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Phytoplankton sustain important fisheries along the coast of Greenland. However, climate change is causing severe melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, and continued melting has the potential to alter fjord ecosystems. We investigate how freshwater from the ice sheet is impacting the environment of one fjord in northeast Greenland, causing a low production of phytoplankton. This fjord may be a model for how some fjord ecosystems will be altered following increased melting and glacial retreat.
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