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05 Oct 2012
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Marine bacteria in deep Arctic and Antarctic ice cores: a proxy for evolution in oceans over 300 million generations

P. B. Price and R. C. Bay

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function: Microbial Ecology & Geomicrobiology
Maximum summer temperatures predict the temperature adaptation of Arctic soil bacterial communities
Ruud Rijkers, Mark Dekker, Rien Aerts, and James T. Weedon
Biogeosciences, 20, 767–780,,, 2023
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Potential contributions of nitrifiers and denitrifiers to nitrous oxide sources and sinks in China's estuarine and coastal areas
Xiaofeng Dai, Mingming Chen, Xianhui Wan, Ehui Tan, Jialing Zeng, Nengwang Chen, Shuh-Ji Kao, and Yao Zhang
Biogeosciences, 19, 3757–3773,,, 2022
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Aqueous system-level processes and prokaryote assemblages in the ferruginous and sulfate-rich bottom waters of a post-mining lake
Daniel A. Petrash, Ingrid M. Steenbergen, Astolfo Valero, Travis B. Meador, Tomáš Pačes, and Christophe Thomazo
Biogeosciences, 19, 1723–1751,,, 2022
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Abundances and morphotypes of the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi in southern Patagonia compared to neighbouring oceans and Northern Hemisphere fjords
Francisco Díaz-Rosas, Catharina Alves-de-Souza, Emilio Alarcón, Eduardo Menschel, Humberto E. González, Rodrigo Torres, and Peter von Dassow
Biogeosciences, 18, 5465–5489,,, 2021
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Determining the hierarchical order by which the variables of sampling period, dust outbreak occurrence, and sampling location can shape the airborne bacterial communities in the Mediterranean basin
Riccardo Rosselli, Maura Fiamma, Massimo Deligios, Gabriella Pintus, Grazia Pellizzaro, Annalisa Canu, Pierpaolo Duce, Andrea Squartini, Rosella Muresu, and Pietro Cappuccinelli
Biogeosciences, 18, 4351–4367,,, 2021
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