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Research article
19 Jan 2016
Research article |  | 19 Jan 2016

Microbial nutrient limitation in Arctic lakes in a permafrost landscape of southwest Greenland

B. Burpee, J. E. Saros, R. M. Northington, and K. S. Simon

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Biogeochemistry: Limnology
Contrasting activation energies of litter-associated respiration and P uptake drive lower cumulative P uptake at higher temperatures
Nathan J. Tomczyk, Amy D. Rosemond, Anna Kaz, and Jonathan P. Benstead
Biogeosciences, 20, 191–204,,, 2023
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Rapidly increasing sulfate concentration: a hidden promoter of eutrophication in shallow lakes
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The dominant role of sunlight in degrading winter dissolved organic matter from a thermokarst lake in a subarctic peatland
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Dissolved organic matter signatures in urban surface waters: spatio-temporal patterns and drivers
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Towards a history of Holocene P dynamics for the Northern Hemisphere using lake sediment geochemical records
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Biogeosciences, 18, 5609–5638,,, 2021
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This study investigates microbial nutrient limitation patterns across a region of southwest Greenland in relation to environmental factors. Using microbial enzyme activities to infer nutrient limitation patterns, we determined that most lakes are P-limited. Further, P limitation was tightly controlled by lake dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentration.
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