Articles | Volume 16, issue 6
Biogeosciences, 16, 1361–1380, 2019
Biogeosciences, 16, 1361–1380, 2019
Research article
02 Apr 2019
Research article | 02 Apr 2019

Reduced phosphorus loads from the Loire and Vilaine rivers were accompanied by increasing eutrophication in the Vilaine Bay (south Brittany, France)

Widya Ratmaya et al.

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Interannual variability of the initiation of the phytoplankton growing period in two French coastal ecosystems
Coline Poppeschi, Guillaume Charria, Anne Daniel, Romaric Verney, Peggy Rimmelin-Maury, Michaël Retho, Eric Goberville, Emilie Grossteffan, and Martin Plus
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2022
Revised manuscript under review for BG
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Linking sediment biodegradability with its origin in shallow coastal environments
Justine Louis, Anniet M. Laverman, Emilie Jardé, Alexandrine Pannard, Marine Liotaud, Françoise Andrieux-Loyer, Gérard Gruau, Florian Caradec, Emilie Rabiller, Nathalie Lebris, and Laurent Jeanneau
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint withdrawn
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On biotic and abiotic drivers of the microphytobenthos seasonal cycle in a temperate intertidal mudflat: a modelling study
Raphaël Savelli, Christine Dupuy, Laurent Barillé, Astrid Lerouxel, Katell Guizien, Anne Philippe, Pierrick Bocher, Pierre Polsenaere, and Vincent Le Fouest
Biogeosciences, 15, 7243–7271,,, 2018
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Satellite remote sensing reveals a positive impact of living oyster reefs on microalgal biofilm development
Caroline Echappé, Pierre Gernez, Vona Méléder, Bruno Jesus, Bruno Cognie, Priscilla Decottignies, Koen Sabbe, and Laurent Barillé
Biogeosciences, 15, 905–918,,, 2018
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Biogeochemistry: Coastal Ocean
Causes of the extensive hypoxia in the Gulf of Riga in 2018
Stella-Theresa Stoicescu, Jaan Laanemets, Taavi Liblik, Māris Skudra, Oliver Samlas, Inga Lips, and Urmas Lips
Biogeosciences, 19, 2903–2920,,, 2022
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Trawling effects on biogeochemical processes are mediated by fauna in high-energy biogenic-reef-inhabited coastal sediments
Justin C. Tiano, Jochen Depestele, Gert Van Hoey, João Fernandes, Pieter van Rijswijk, and Karline Soetaert
Biogeosciences, 19, 2583–2598,,, 2022
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Drought recorded by Ba∕Ca in coastal benthic foraminifera
Inda Brinkmann, Christine Barras, Tom Jilbert, Tomas Næraa, K. Mareike Paul, Magali Schweizer, and Helena L. Filipsson
Biogeosciences, 19, 2523–2535,,, 2022
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A nitrate budget of the Bohai Sea based on an isotope mass balance model
Shichao Tian, Birgit Gaye, Jianhui Tang, Yongming Luo, Wenguo Li, Niko Lahajnar, Kirstin Dähnke, Tina Sanders, Tianqi Xiong, Weidong Zhai, and Kay-Christian Emeis
Biogeosciences, 19, 2397–2415,,, 2022
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Suspended particulate matter drives the spatial segregation of nitrogen turnover along the hyper-turbid Ems estuary
Gesa Schulz, Tina Sanders, Justus E. E. van Beusekom, Yoana G. Voynova, Andreas Schöl, and Kirstin Dähnke
Biogeosciences, 19, 2007–2024,,, 2022
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This work reports the consequences of nutrient management strategy, an example from southwestern Europe focused mainly on P reduction. Upstream rivers reveal indices of recoveries following the significant diminution of P, while eutrophication continues to increase downstream, especially when N is the limiting factor. This long-term ecosystem-scale analysis provides more arguments for a dual-nutrient (N and P) management strategy to mitigate eutrophication along the freshwater–marine continuum.
Final-revised paper