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Research article
25 Mar 2024
Research article |  | 25 Mar 2024

Thermal stratification and meromixis in four dilute temperate zone lakes

Elizabeth D. Swanner, Chris Harding, Sajjad A. Akam, Ioan Lascu, Gabrielle Ledesma, Pratik Poudel, Heeyeon Sun, Samuel Duncanson, Karly Bandy, Alex Branham, Liza Bryant-Tapper, Tanner Conwell, Omri Jamison, and Lauren Netz

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Short summary
Four lakes were thought to be permanently stratified. Years’ worth of data indicate only one lake is permanently stratified. Strong temperature gradients keep it stratified – unusual for a lake in a temperate climate. The lake has elevated oxygen concentrations within the temperature gradient. Rapid development of the gradient in the spring traps oxygen, and oxygen production by photosynthetic organisms during the summer adds more.
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