Articles | Volume 16, issue 3
Biogeosciences, 16, 811–829, 2019
Biogeosciences, 16, 811–829, 2019

Research article 13 Feb 2019

Research article | 13 Feb 2019

Mineral formation induced by cable bacteria performing long-distance electron transport in marine sediments

Nicole M. J. Geerlings et al.

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Multicellular cable bacteria form long filaments that can reach lengths of several centimeters. They affect the chemistry and mineralogy of their surroundings and vice versa. How the surroundings affect the cable bacteria is investigated. They show three different types of biomineral formation: (1) a polymer containing phosphorus in their cells, (2) a sheath of clay surrounding the surface of the filament and (3) the encrustation of a filament via a solid phase containing iron and phosphorus.
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