Articles | Volume 12, issue 23
Biogeosciences, 12, 7331–7347, 2015
Biogeosciences, 12, 7331–7347, 2015

Research article 15 Dec 2015

Research article | 15 Dec 2015

Salinization alters fluxes of bioreactive elements from stream ecosystems across land use

S. Duan and S. S. Kaushal

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Warming increases carbon and nutrient fluxes from sediments in streams across land use
S.-W. Duan and S. S. Kaushal
Biogeosciences, 10, 1193–1207,,, 2013

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Biogeochemistry: Rivers & Streams
Rapid soil organic carbon decomposition in river systems: effects of the aquatic microbial community and hydrodynamical disturbance
Man Zhao, Liesbet Jacobs, Steven Bouillon, and Gerard Govers
Biogeosciences, 18, 1511–1523,,, 2021
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Increased carbon capture by a silicate-treated forested watershed affected by acid deposition
Lyla L. Taylor, Charles T. Driscoll, Peter M. Groffman, Greg H. Rau, Joel D. Blum, and David J. Beerling
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Spatial-temporal variations in riverine carbon strongly influenced by local hydrological events in an alpine headwater stream
Xin Wang, Ting Liu, Liang Wang, Zongguang Liu, Erxiong Zhu, Simin Wang, Yue Cai, Shanshan Zhu, and Xiaojuan Feng
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript accepted for BG
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Thermokarst amplifies fluvial inorganic carbon cycling and export across watershed scales on the Peel Plateau, Canada
Scott Zolkos, Suzanne E. Tank, Robert G. Striegl, Steven V. Kokelj, Justin Kokoszka, Cristian Estop-Aragonés, and David Olefeldt
Biogeosciences, 17, 5163–5182,,, 2020
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Temporary and net sinks of atmospheric CO2 due to chemical weathering in subtropical catchment with mixing carbonate and silicate lithology
Yingjie Cao, Yingxue Xuan, Changyuan Tang, Shuai Guan, and Yisheng Peng
Biogeosciences, 17, 3875–3890,,, 2020
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There has been increased salinization of fresh water over decades during the urban evolution of watersheds. This study finds that salinization consistently increased sediment releases of labile organic carbon and total dissolved Kjeldahl nitrogen and sediment transformations of nitrate, and the salinization effects increased with percentage watershed urbanization. These findings are will be critical for forecasting changes in carbon and nutrient exports due to salt use in urban watersheds.
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