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15 Jan 2016
Research article |  | 15 Jan 2016

Carbon storage in seagrass soils: long-term nutrient history exceeds the effects of near-term nutrient enrichment

A. R. Armitage and J. W. Fourqurean

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Net heterotrophy and carbonate dissolution in two subtropical seagrass meadows
Bryce R. Van Dam, Christian Lopes, Christopher L. Osburn, and James W. Fourqurean
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Seagrass meadows as a globally significant carbonate reservoir
I. Mazarrasa, N. Marbà, C. E. Lovelock, O. Serrano, P. S. Lavery, J. W. Fourqurean, H. Kennedy, M. A. Mateo, D. Krause-Jensen, A. D. L. Steven, and C. M. Duarte
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Temporal and spatial evolution of bottom-water hypoxia in the St Lawrence estuarine system
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Significant nutrient consumption in the dark subsurface layer during a diatom bloom: a case study on Funka Bay, Hokkaido, Japan
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Contrasts in dissolved, particulate, and sedimentary organic carbon from the Kolyma River to the East Siberian Shelf
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The emerging field of blue carbon research seeks to quantify the carbon sequestration in coastal habitats. Seagrasses are highly productive, and have a particularly large carbon storage capacity, relative to area. This study evaluated the influence of nutrient input on seagrass carbon stocks in Florida Bay (USA). There was high carbon content in the soils, indicating that seagrass beds have extremely high carbon storage potential, even in nutrient-limited areas with low biomass or productivity.
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