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04 Sep 2019
Research article |  | 04 Sep 2019

Plant functional traits determine latitudinal variations in soil microbial function: evidence from forests in China

Zhiwei Xu, Guirui Yu, Qiufeng Wang, Xinyu Zhang, Ruili Wang, Ning Zhao, Nianpeng He, and Ziping Liu

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Divergence of dominant factors in soil microbial communities and functions in forest ecosystems along a climatic gradient
Zhiwei Xu, Guirui Yu, Xinyu Zhang, Nianpeng He, Qiufeng Wang, Shengzhong Wang, Xiaofeng Xu, Ruili Wang, and Ning Zhao
Biogeosciences, 15, 1217–1228,,, 2018
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Plant functional traits have increasingly been studied as determinants of ecosystem properties. While the relationships between biological community structures and ecological functions remain poorly understood at the large scale, we found that there was considerable variation in the profiles of different substrate uses along the NSTEC. The soil silt content and plant functional traits together shaped the biogeographical pattern of the soil microbial substrate use.
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