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Research article
01 Feb 2019
Research article |  | 01 Feb 2019

High-frequency variability of CO2 in Grand Passage, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Rachel M. Horwitz, Alex E. Hay, William J. Burt, Richard A. Cheel, Joseph Salisbury, and Helmuth Thomas

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Phytoplankton Community Composition in the Eastern Subarctic Pacific Derived from Hyperspectral Optics
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Distribution and source attribution of alkalinity in the Dutch Wadden Sea
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Alkalinity generation from carbonate weathering in a silicate-dominated headwater catchment at Iskorasfjellet, northern Norway
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Metabolic alkalinity release from large port facilities (Hamburg, Germany) and impact on coastal carbon storage
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Distribution of nutrients and dissolved organic matter in a eutrophic equatorial estuary: the Johor River and the East Johor Strait
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Quantification and mitigation of bottom-trawling impacts on sedimentary organic carbon stocks in the North Sea
Lucas Porz, Wenyan Zhang, Nils Christiansen, Jan Kossack, Ute Daewel, and Corinna Schrum
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Influence of ocean alkalinity enhancement with olivine or steel slag on a coastal plankton community in Tasmania
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Short summary
High-frequency CO2 measurements are used to quantify the daily and tidal cycles of dissolved carbon in the Bay of Fundy – home to the world's largest tides. The oscillating tidal flows drive a net carbon transport, and these results suggest that previously unaccounted for tidal variation could substantially modulate the coastal ocean's response to global ocean acidification. Evaluating the impact of rising atmospheric CO2 on coastal systems requires understanding this short-term variability.
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