Articles | Volume 18, issue 16
Biogeosciences, 18, 4705–4715, 2021
Biogeosciences, 18, 4705–4715, 2021

Research article 18 Aug 2021

Research article | 18 Aug 2021

Diel patterns in stream nitrate concentration produced by in-stream processes

Jan Greiwe et al.

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Pesticide peak concentration reduction in a small vegetated treatment system controlled by chemograph shape
Jan Greiwe, Oliver Olsson, Klaus Kümmerer, and Jens Lange
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 25, 497–509,,, 2021
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Complex interactions of in-stream dissolved organic matter and nutrient spiralling unravelled by Bayesian regression analysis
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Spatial–temporal variations in riverine carbon strongly influenced by local hydrological events in an alpine catchment
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Biogeosciences, 18, 3015–3028,,, 2021
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Rapid soil organic carbon decomposition in river systems: effects of the aquatic microbial community and hydrodynamical disturbance
Man Zhao, Liesbet Jacobs, Steven Bouillon, and Gerard Govers
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Increased carbon capture by a silicate-treated forested watershed affected by acid deposition
Lyla L. Taylor, Charles T. Driscoll, Peter M. Groffman, Greg H. Rau, Joel D. Blum, and David J. Beerling
Biogeosciences, 18, 169–188,,, 2021
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We analyzed variability in diel nitrate patterns at three locations in a lowland stream. Comparison of time lags between monitoring sites with water travel time indicated that diel patterns were created by in-stream processes rather than transported downstream from an upstream point of origin. Most of the patterns (70 %) could be explained by assimilatory nitrate uptake. The remaining patterns suggest seasonally varying dominance and synchronicity of different biochemical processes.
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