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Research article
19 Apr 2018
Research article |  | 19 Apr 2018

Shifts in stream hydrochemistry in responses to typhoon and non-typhoon precipitation

Chung-Te Chang, Jr-Chuan Huang, Lixin Wang, Yu-Ting Shih, and Teng-Chiu Lin

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Dynamic responses of DOC and DIC transport to different flow regimes in a subtropical small mountainous river
Yu-Ting Shih, Pei-Hao Chen, Li-Chin Lee, Chien-Sen Liao, Shih-Hao Jien, Fuh-Kwo Shiah, Tsung-Yu Lee, Thomas Hein, Franz Zehetner, Chung-Te Chang, and Jr-Chuan Huang
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 22, 6579–6590,,, 2018
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Impacts of tropical cyclones on hydrochemistry of a subtropical forest
C. T. Chang, S. P. Hamburg, J. L. Hwong, N. H. Lin, M. L. Hsueh, M. C. Chen, and T. C. Lin
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 3815–3826,,, 2013

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Biogeochemistry: Rivers & Streams
The influence of burn severity on dissolved organic carbon concentrations across a stream network differs based on seasonal wetness conditions post-fire
Katie A. Wampler, Kevin D. Bladon, and Allison N. Myers-Pigg
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Seasonal particulate organic carbon dynamics of the Kolyma River tributaries, Siberia
Kirsi H. Keskitalo, Lisa Bröder, Tommaso Tesi, Paul J. Mann, Dirk J. Jong, Sergio Bulte Garcia, Anna Davydova, Sergei Davydov, Nikita Zimov, Negar Haghipour, Timothy I. Eglinton, and Jorien E. Vonk
Biogeosciences, 21, 357–379,,, 2024
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From iron curtain to green belt: Shift from heterotrophic to autotrophic nitrogen retention in the Elbe River over 35 years of passive restoration
Alexander Wachholz, James W. Jawitz, and Dietrich Borchardt
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2024
Revised manuscript accepted for BG
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Geomorphologic controls and anthropogenic impacts on dissolved organic carbon from mountainous rivers: insights from optical properties and carbon isotopes
Shuai Chen, Jun Zhong, Lishan Ran, Yuanbi Yi, Wanfa Wang, Zelong Yan, Si-liang Li, and Khan M. G. Mostofa
Biogeosciences, 20, 4949–4967,,, 2023
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Alkalinity generation from carbonate weathering in a silicate-dominated headwater catchment at Iskorasfjellet, northern Norway
Nele Lehmann, Hugues Lantuit, Michael Ernst Böttcher, Jens Hartmann, Antje Eulenburg, and Helmuth Thomas
Biogeosciences, 20, 3459–3479,,, 2023
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Our analysis of ion input–output budget illustrates that hydrochemical responses to typhoon storms are distinctly different from those of regular storms. In addition, even mild land use change may have large impacts on nutrient exports/losses. We propose that hydrological models should separate hydrochemical processes into regular and extreme conditions to better capture the whole spectrum of hydrochemical responses to a variety of climate conditions.
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