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Research article
09 Aug 2019
Research article |  | 09 Aug 2019

A novel isotope pool dilution approach to quantify gross rates of key abiotic and biological processes in the soil phosphorus cycle

Wolfgang Wanek, David Zezula, Daniel Wasner, Maria Mooshammer, and Judith Prommer

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The effect of the salinity, light regime and food source on carbon and nitrogen uptake in a benthic foraminifer
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Increased temperature causes different carbon and nitrogen processing patterns in two common intertidal foraminifera (Ammonia tepida and Haynesina germanica)
Julia Wukovits, Annekatrin Julie Enge, Wolfgang Wanek, Margarete Watzka, and Petra Heinz
Biogeosciences, 14, 2815–2829,,, 2017
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Biogeosciences, 19, 5125–5149,,, 2022
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Efforts to understand the global phosphorus (P) cycle are limited by the scarcity of global data on rates of soil P processes, as well as on its environmental controls. Here, we present a novel approach using radiophosphorus labeling of soils, which allows for the measurement of fluxes of abiotic and biotic soil P processes. This approach is also suitable for strongly weathered and P-depleted soils. Biotic processes are corrected for abiotic processes by comparing live and sterile soils.
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