Articles | Volume 19, issue 8
Biogeosciences, 19, 2211–2234, 2022
Biogeosciences, 19, 2211–2234, 2022
Research article
25 Apr 2022
Research article | 25 Apr 2022

Modelling submerged biofouled microplastics and their vertical trajectories

Reint Fischer et al.

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Detecting most effective cleanup locations using network theory to reduce marine plastic debris: A case study in the Galapagos Marine Reserve
Stefanie Leonore Ypma, Quinten Bohte, Alexander Forryan, Alberto C. Naveira Garabato, Andy Donnelly, and Erik van Sebille
EGUsphere,,, 2022
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Contrasting projection of the ENSO-driven CO2 flux variability in the Equatorial Pacific under high warming scenario
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Earth Syst. Dynam. Discuss.,,, 2022
Revised manuscript under review for ESD
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The simulation of mineral dust in the United Kingdom Earth System Model UKESM1
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Empirical Lagrangian parametrization for wind-driven mixing of buoyant particles at the ocean surface
Victor Onink, Erik van Sebille, and Charlotte Laufkötter
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 1995–2012,,, 2022
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Using machine learning and beach cleanup data to explain litter quantities along the Dutch North Sea coast
Mikael L. A. Kaandorp, Stefanie L. Ypma, Marijke Boonstra, Henk A. Dijkstra, and Erik van Sebille
Ocean Sci., 18, 269–293,,, 2022
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Impact of moderately energetic fine-scale dynamics on the phytoplankton community structure in the western Mediterranean Sea
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Biogeosciences, 18, 6455–6477,,, 2021
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Seasonal ecosystem vulnerability to climatic anomalies in the Mediterranean
Johannes Vogel, Eva Paton, and Valentin Aich
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Since current estimates show that only about 1 % of the all plastic that enters the ocean is floating at the surface, we look at subsurface processes that can cause vertical movement of (micro)plastic. We investigate how modelled algal attachment and the ocean's vertical movement can cause particles to sink and oscillate in the open ocean. Particles can sink to depths of > 5000 m in regions with high wind intensity and mainly remain close to the surface with low winds and biological activity.
Final-revised paper