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Research article
11 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 11 Aug 2023

Physical and stoichiometric controls on stream respiration in a headwater stream

Jancoba Dorley, Joel Singley, Tim Covino, Kamini Singha, Michael Gooseff, David Van Horn, and Ricardo González-Pinzón

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We quantified how microbial respiration is controlled by discharge and the supply of C, N, and P in a stream. We ran two rounds of experiments adding a conservative tracer, an indicator of aerobic respiration, and nutrient treatments: a) N, b) N+C, c) N+P, and d) C+N+P. Microbial respiration remained similar between rounds and across nutrient treatments. This suggests that complex interactions between hydrology, resource supply, and biological community drive in-stream respiration.
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