Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Biogeosciences, 11, 857–871, 2014

Special issue: Remote sensing and spatio-temporal vegetation dynamics of...

Biogeosciences, 11, 857–871, 2014

Research article 13 Feb 2014

Research article | 13 Feb 2014

Mangroves facing climate change: landward migration potential in response to projected scenarios of sea level rise

D. Di Nitto et al.

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Modelling drivers of mangrove propagule dispersal and restoration of abandoned shrimp farms
D. Di Nitto, P. L. A. Erftemeijer, J. K. L. van Beek, F. Dahdouh-Guebas, L. Higazi, K. Quisthoudt, L. P. Jayatissa, and N. Koedam
Biogeosciences, 10, 5095–5113,,, 2013

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function: Marine
The Bouraké semi-enclosed lagoon (New Caledonia) – a natural laboratory to study the lifelong adaptation of a coral reef ecosystem to extreme environmental conditions
Federica Maggioni, Mireille Pujo-Pay, Jérome Aucan, Carlo Cerrano, Barbara Calcinai, Claude Payri, Francesca Benzoni, Yves Letourneur, and Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa
Biogeosciences, 18, 5117–5140,,, 2021
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Atypical, high-diversity assemblages of foraminifera in a mangrove estuary in northern Brazil
Nisan Sariaslan and Martin R. Langer
Biogeosciences, 18, 4073–4090,,, 2021
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Permanent ectoplasmic structures in deep-sea Cibicides and Cibicidoides taxa – long-term observations at in situ pressure
Jutta E. Wollenburg, Jelle Bijma, Charlotte Cremer, Ulf Bickmeyer, and Zora Mila Colomba Zittier
Biogeosciences, 18, 3903–3915,,, 2021
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Ideas and perspectives: Ushering the Indian Ocean into the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (UNDOSSD) through marine ecosystem research and operational services – an early career's take
Kumar Nimit
Biogeosciences, 18, 3631–3635,,, 2021
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Persistent effects of sand extraction on habitats and associated benthic communities in the German Bight
Finn Mielck, Rune Michaelis, H. Christian Hass, Sarah Hertel, Caroline Ganal, and Werner Armonies
Biogeosciences, 18, 3565–3577,,, 2021
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