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20 Jul 2021
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Retracing hypoxia in Eckernförde Bight (Baltic Sea)

Heiner Dietze and Ulrike Löptien

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Reciprocal bias compensation and ensuing uncertainties in model-based climate projections: pelagic biogeochemistry versus ocean mixing
Ulrike Löptien and Heiner Dietze
Biogeosciences, 16, 1865–1881,,, 2019
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Biogeosciences, 14, 1561–1576,,, 2017
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Linking diverse nutrient patterns to different water masses within anticyclonic eddies in the upwelling system off Peru
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Effects of surface current–wind interaction in an eddy-rich general ocean circulation simulation of the Baltic Sea
Heiner Dietze and Ulrike Löptien
Ocean Sci., 12, 977–986,,, 2016
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Short summary
In recent years fish-kill events caused by oxygen deficit have been reported in Eckernförde Bight (Baltic Sea). This study sets out to understand the processes causing respective oxygen deficits by combining high-resolution coupled ocean circulation biogeochemical modeling, monitoring data, and artificial intelligence.
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