Articles | Volume 9, issue 2
Biogeosciences, 9, 703–714, 2012

Special issue: Earth observation for land-atmosphere interaction science

Biogeosciences, 9, 703–714, 2012

Research article 08 Feb 2012

Research article | 08 Feb 2012

Detection of open water dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of land surface modelling at high latitudes

A. Bartsch et al.

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Biogeochemistry: Wetlands
Factors controlling Carex brevicuspis leaf litter decomposition and its contribution to surface soil organic carbon pool at different water levels
Lianlian Zhu, Zhengmiao Deng, Yonghong Xie, Xu Li, Feng Li, Xinsheng Chen, Yeai Zou, Chengyi Zhang, and Wei Wang
Biogeosciences, 18, 1–11,,, 2021
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Exploring constraints on a wetland methane emission ensemble (WetCHARTs) using GOSAT observations
Robert J. Parker, Chris Wilson, A. Anthony Bloom, Edward Comyn-Platt, Garry Hayman, Joe McNorton, Hartmut Boesch, and Martyn P. Chipperfield
Biogeosciences, 17, 5669–5691,,, 2020
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Global peatland area and carbon dynamics from the Last Glacial Maximum to the present – a process-based model investigation
Jurek Müller and Fortunat Joos
Biogeosciences, 17, 5285–5308,,, 2020
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Vascular plants affect properties and decomposition of moss-dominated peat, particularly at elevated temperatures
Lilli Zeh, Marie Theresa Igel, Judith Schellekens, Juul Limpens, Luca Bragazza, and Karsten Kalbitz
Biogeosciences, 17, 4797–4813,,, 2020
Denitrification and associated nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions from the Amazonian wetlands
Jérémy Guilhen, Ahmad Al Bitar, Sabine Sauvage, Marie Parrens, Jean-Michel Martinez, Gwenael Abril, Patricia Moreira-Turcq, and José-Miguel Sánchez-Pérez
Biogeosciences, 17, 4297–4311,,, 2020
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