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Research article
12 Jan 2015
Research article |  | 12 Jan 2015

Evaluating the ocean biogeochemical components of Earth system models using atmospheric potential oxygen and ocean color data

C. D. Nevison, M. Manizza, R. F. Keeling, M. Kahru, L. Bopp, J. Dunne, J. Tiputra, T. Ilyina, and B. G. Mitchell

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Northern vs. southern hemisphere differences in the stratospheric influence on variability in tropospheric nitrous oxide
Cynthia Nevison, Qing Liang, Paul Newman, Britton Stephens, Geoff Dutton, Xin Lan, Roisin Commane, Yenny Gonzalez, and Eric Kort
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Significant role of physical transport in the marine carbon monoxide (CO) cycle: observations in the East Sea (Sea of Japan), the western North Pacific, and the Bering Sea in summer
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Biogeosciences, 21, 1847–1865,,, 2024
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High frequency, continuous measurements reveal strong diel and seasonal cycling of pCO2 and CO2 flux in a mesohaline reach of the Chesapeake Bay
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Estimating marine carbon uptake in the northeast Pacific using a neural network approach
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Biogeosciences, 20, 3919–3941,,, 2023
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The observed seasonal cycles in atmospheric potential oxygen (APO) at five surface monitoring sites are compared to those inferred from the air-sea O2 fluxes of six ocean biogeochemistry models. The simulated air-sea fluxes are translated into APO seasonal cycles using a matrix method that takes into account atmospheric transport model (ATM) uncertainty among 13 different ATMs. Net primary production (NPP), estimated from satellite ocean color data, is also compared to model output.
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