Articles | Volume 12, issue 14
Biogeosciences, 12, 4407–4419, 2015
Biogeosciences, 12, 4407–4419, 2015
Research article
29 Jul 2015
Research article | 29 Jul 2015

Does EO NDVI seasonal metrics capture variations in species composition and biomass due to grazing in semi-arid grassland savannas?

J. L. Olsen et al.

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Revised manuscript under review for HESS
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Limitations of satellite-based normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) for monitoring vegetation trends are investigated using observations from the Widou Thiengoly test site in northern Senegal. NDVI do not reflect the large differences found in biomass production and species composition between grazed and ungrazed plots. This is problematic for vegetation trend analysis in the context of drastically increasing numbers of Sahelian livestock in recent decades.
Final-revised paper