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Research article
26 Jun 2015
Research article |  | 26 Jun 2015

Wet-season spatial variability in N2O emissions from a tea field in subtropical central China

X. Fu, X. Liu, Y. Li, J. Shen, Y. Wang, G. Zou, H. Li, L. Song, and J. Wu

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Spatio-temporal variability in N2O emissions from a tea-planted soil in subtropical central China
X. L. Liu, X. Q. Fu, Y. Li, J. L. Shen, Y. Wang, G. H. Zou, Y. Z. Wu, Q. M. Ma, D. Chen, C. Wang, R. L. Xiao, and J. S. Wu
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,,, 2016
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We examined the spatial variability in N2O emissions from a tea field in a wet season using 147 static chambers. The N2O fluxes for a 30min snapshot ranged from -1.73 to 1659.11 g N ha-1 d-1 (average flux of 102.24 g N ha-1 d-1). Cokriging with NH4Nt and NO3Nt as covariables (r=0.74 and RMSE=1.18) outperformed ordinary kriging (r=0.18 and RMSE=1.74), regression kriging with the sample position as a predictor (r=0.49 and RMSE=1.55) and cokriging with SOCt as a covariable (r=0.58 and RMSE=1.44).
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