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Research article
11 Aug 2016
Research article |  | 11 Aug 2016

Fate of rice shoot and root residues, rhizodeposits, and microbe-assimilated carbon in paddy soil – Part 1: Decomposition and priming effect

Zhenke Zhu, Guanjun Zeng, Tida Ge, Yajun Hu, Chengli Tong, Olga Shibistova, Xinhua He, Juan Wang, Georg Guggenberger, and Jinshui Wu

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Norman Gentsch, Florin Laura Riechers, Jens Boy, Dörte Schweneker, Ulf Feuerstein, Diana Heuermann, and Georg Guggenberger
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Complex dissolved organic matter (DOM) on the roof of the world – Tibetan DOM molecular characteristics indicate sources, land use effects, and processing along the fluvial–limnic continuum
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Moisture and temperature effects on the radiocarbon signature of respired carbon dioxide to assess stability of soil carbon in the Tibetan Plateau
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Nitrophobic ectomycorrhizal fungi are associated with enhanced hydrophobicity of soil organic matter in a Norway spruce forest
Juan Pablo Almeida, Nicholas P. Rosenstock, Susanne K. Woche, Georg Guggenberger, and Håkan Wallander
Biogeosciences, 19, 3713–3726,,, 2022
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The main contribution of our study is our finding that rhizodeposits and microbe-assimilated carbon contribute significantly to the sequestration of carbon substrates in rice paddy soils. This contribution is theoretically and practically relevant because few studies have investigated the effects of different carbon substrates on the mineralization of native soil organic carbon and our findings have immediate applications for improving the fertility of paddy soils and mitigating global warming.
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