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Research article
15 Dec 2016
Research article |  | 15 Dec 2016

Microbial activity promoted with organic carbon accumulation in macroaggregates of paddy soils under long-term rice cultivation

Yalong Liu, Ping Wang, Yuanjun Ding, Haifei Lu, Lianqing Li, Kun Cheng, Jufeng Zheng, Timothy Filley, Xuhui Zhang, Jinwei Zheng, and Genxing Pan

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Carbon stabilization should not confound soil microbial activity, which drives biogeochemical cycling and ecosystem services. Across a rice soil chronosequence from tidal marsh, organic carbon concentrated both in coarse-sand- and clay-sized aggregates and enhancement of labile carbon supports high-microbial activity in macroaggregates. Thus, carbon physically protected in macroaggregates promotes bioactivity in rice soils, coevolved with prolonged rice paddy management over centuries.
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