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03 Apr 2018
Research article |  | 03 Apr 2018

Straw incorporation increases crop yield and soil organic carbon sequestration but varies under different natural conditions and farming practices in China: a system analysis

Xiao Han, Cong Xu, Jennifer A. J. Dungait, Roland Bol, Xiaojie Wang, Wenliang Wu, and Fanqiao Meng

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Colloid-bound and dissolved phosphorus species in topsoil water extracts along a grassland transect from Cambisol to Stagnosol
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Increase in soil organic carbon by agricultural intensification in northern China
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Straw incorporation increases soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks and crop yields in experimental trials across China, regardless of the climate or land use. This conclusion is based on a wide range of soils and climate conditions and suggests that farmers across the world may use this simple management tool to increase their outputs by improving the quality of their outputs by improving the quality of their soil, while mitigating climate change.
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