Articles | Volume 10, issue 3
Reviews and syntheses
12 Mar 2013
Reviews and syntheses |  | 12 Mar 2013

Breakdown of the coral-algae symbiosis: towards formalising a linkage between warm-water bleaching thresholds and the growth rate of the intracellular zooxanthellae

S. A. Wooldridge

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A new conceptual model of coral biomineralisation: hypoxia as the physiological driver of skeletal extension
S. Wooldridge
Biogeosciences, 10, 2867–2884,,, 2013

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function: Marine
Unique benthic foraminiferal communities (stained) in diverse environments of sub-Antarctic fjords, South Georgia
Wojciech Majewski, Witold Szczuciński, and Andrew J. Gooday
Biogeosciences, 20, 523–544,,, 2023
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Upwelled plankton community modulates surface bloom succession and nutrient availability in a natural plankton assemblage
Allanah Joy Paul, Lennart Thomas Bach, Javier Arístegui, Elisabeth von der Esch, Nauzet Hernández-Hernández, Jonna Piiparinen, Laura Ramajo, Kristian Spilling, and Ulf Riebesell
Biogeosciences, 19, 5911–5926,,, 2022
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First phytoplankton community assessment of the Kong Håkon VII Hav, Southern Ocean, during austral autumn
Hanna M. Kauko, Philipp Assmy, Ilka Peeken, Magdalena Różańska-Pluta, Józef M. Wiktor, Gunnar Bratbak, Asmita Singh, Thomas J. Ryan-Keogh, and Sebastien Moreau
Biogeosciences, 19, 5449–5482,,, 2022
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Early life stages of a Mediterranean coral are vulnerable to ocean warming and acidification
Chloe Carbonne, Steeve Comeau, Phoebe T. W. Chan, Keyla Plichon, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, and Núria Teixidó
Biogeosciences, 19, 4767–4777,,, 2022
Short summary
Mediterranean seagrasses as carbon sinks: methodological and regional differences
Iris E. Hendriks, Anna Escolano-Moltó, Susana Flecha, Raquel Vaquer-Sunyer, Marlene Wesselmann, and Núria Marbà
Biogeosciences, 19, 4619–4637,,, 2022
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