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Research article
07 Apr 2016
Research article |  | 07 Apr 2016

Seasonal variations in metallic mercury (Hg0) vapor exchange over biannual wheat–corn rotation cropland in the North China Plain

Jonas Sommar, Wei Zhu, Lihai Shang, Che-Jen Lin, and Xinbin Feng

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Depletion of atmospheric gaseous elemental mercury by plant uptake at Mt. Changbai, Northeast China
Xuewu Fu, Wei Zhu, Hui Zhang, Jonas Sommar, Ben Yu, Xu Yang, Xun Wang, Che-Jen Lin, and Xinbin Feng
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Emission-dominated gas exchange of elemental mercury vapor over natural surfaces in China
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Development and Testing of a Passive Sampler for Measurement of Gaseous Mercury
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Global observations and modeling of atmosphere–surface exchange of elemental mercury: a critical review
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A dual-inlet, single detector relaxed eddy accumulation system for long-term measurement of mercury flux
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A micrometeorological method (REA) has been implemented to assess the role of cereal crop fields in the North China Plain as a source or sink of elemental mercury vapor (Hg0) during the course of a full year. In combination with chamber measurements under the canopy, the above-canopy REA measurements provided evidence for a balance between Hg0 ground emissions and uptake of Hg0 by the crop foliage, with net emissions prevailing from the ecosystem during the majority of a year.
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