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Research article
02 May 2017
Research article |  | 02 May 2017

Nitrogen oxides and ozone fluxes from an oilseed-rape management cycle: the influence of cattle slurry application

Raffaella M. Vuolo, Benjamin Loubet, Nicolas Mascher, Jean-Christophe Gueudet, Brigitte Durand, Patricia Laville, Olivier Zurfluh, Raluca Ciuraru, Patrick Stella, and Ivonne Trebs

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Eddy-covariance with slow-response greenhouse gas analyser on tall towers: bridging atmospheric and ecosystem greenhouse gases networks
Pedro Henrique Herig Coimbra, Benjamin Loubet, Olivier Laurent, Laura Bignotti, Mathis Lozano, and Michel Ramonet
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss.,,, 2024
Preprint under review for AMT
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Intercomparison of eddy-covariance software for urban tall-tower sites
Changxing Lan, Matthias Mauder, Stavros Stagakis, Benjamin Loubet, Claudio D'Onofrio, Stefan Metzger, David Durden, and Pedro-Henrique Herig-Coimbra
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 17, 2649–2669,,, 2024
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Emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds from agricultural lands and the impact of land-use and other management practices: A review
Yang Liu, Raluca Ciuraru, Letizia Abis, Crist Amelynck, Pauline Buysse, Alex Guenther, Bernard Heinesch, Florence Lafouge, Florent Levavasseur, Benjamin Loubet, Auriane Voyard, and Raia-Silvia Massad
EGUsphere,,, 2024
This preprint is open for discussion and under review for Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP).
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N dynamics during a 3-year crop rotation fertilized with digestates and cattle effluents
Victor Moinard, Antoine Savoie, Catherine Pasquier, Adeline Besnault, Yolaine Goubard-Delaunay, Baptiste Esnault, Marco Carozzi, Polina Voylokov, Sophie Génermont, Benjamin Loubet, Catherine Hénault, Florent Levavasseur, Jean-Marie Paillat, and Sabine Houot
EGUsphere,,, 2024
Preprint archived
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First measurements of ecosystem-scale biogenic volatile organic compound fluxes over rapeseed reveal more significant terpenoid emissions than expected
Pauline Buysse, Benjamin Loubet, Raluca Ciuraru, Florence Lafouge, Brigitte Durand, Olivier Zurfluh, Céline Décuq, Olivier Fanucci, Lais Gonzaga Gomez, Jean-Christophe Gueudet, Sandy Bsaibes, Nora Zannoni, and Valérie Gros
EGUsphere,,, 2024
Preprint withdrawn
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Interpretability of negative latent heat fluxes from eddy covariance measurements in dry conditions
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Biogeosciences, 21, 2051–2085,,, 2024
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Forest-floor respiration, N2O fluxes, and CH4 fluxes in a subalpine spruce forest: drivers and annual budgets
Luana Krebs, Susanne Burri, Iris Feigenwinter, Mana Gharun, Philip Meier, and Nina Buchmann
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Enhanced net CO2 exchange of a semideciduous forest in the southern Amazon due to diffuse radiation from biomass burning
Simone Rodrigues, Glauber Cirino, Demerval Moreira, Andrea Pozzer, Rafael Palácios, Sung-Ching Lee, Breno Imbiriba, José Nogueira, Maria Isabel Vitorino, and George Vourlitis
Biogeosciences, 21, 843–868,,, 2024
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Atmospheric nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) are a threat for the environment and human health. Agricultural soils are a large but uncertain source, partly due to a lack of direct fluxes measurements. We quantified NO, NO2 and ozone (O3) fluxes above an oilseed rape crop rotation. We found that 0.27 % of nitrogen applied was emitted as NO, whose emissions were favoured by fertilisation under dry and warm conditions. We found significant interactions between NO, NO2 and O3 even above bare soil.
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