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11 Jun 2024
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The effect of temperature on photosystem II efficiency across plant functional types and climate

Patrick Neri, Lianhong Gu, and Yang Song

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Biogeosciences, 14, 131–144,,, 2017
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The interaction between nitrogen and phosphorous is a strong predictor of intra-plant variation in nitrogen isotope composition in a desert species
J. Zhang, L. Gu, J. Zhang, R. Wu, F. Wang, G. Lin, B. Wu, Q. Lu, and P. Meng
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Revised manuscript not accepted

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Temperature responses of plant photosynthesis are increasingly crucial under the climatic warming. This paper provides a new parameterization of the temperature response of a core mechanism of plant photosynthesis, photosystem II efficiency, to not only instantaneous but also middle- to long-term temperature variation, so-called acclimation. The authors provided response functions for each plant functional type, allowing researchers to implement them in their land vegetation models with a biochemical photosynthesis scheme. Using the new parameterization would effectively improve the simulation accuracy of plant responses, including tolerance and resilience, to climatic change. This study has implications for studies on plant physiology, remote sensing (SIF), biogeochemistry, and ecosystem/earth system models.
Short summary
A first-of-its-kind global-scale model of temperature resilience and tolerance of photosystem II maximum quantum yield informs how plants maintain their efficiency of converting light energy to chemical energy for photosynthesis under temperature changes. Our finding explores this variation across plant functional types and habitat climatology, highlighting diverse temperature response strategies and a method to improve global-scale photosynthesis modeling under climate change.
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