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07 Jun 2017
Research article |  | 07 Jun 2017

Soil nitrogen oxide fluxes from lowland forests converted to smallholder rubber and oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia

Evelyn Hassler, Marife D. Corre, Syahrul Kurniawan, and Edzo Veldkamp

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Soil fertility controls soil–atmosphere carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in a tropical landscape converted from lowland forest to rubber and oil palm plantations
E. Hassler, M. D. Corre, A. Tjoa, M. Damris, S. R. Utami, and E. Veldkamp
Biogeosciences, 12, 5831–5852,,, 2015
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Biogeosciences, 21, 513–529,,, 2024
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Biogeosciences, 20, 5029–5067,,, 2023
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Biogeosciences, 20, 4413–4431,,, 2023
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Sofie Sjögersten, Martha Ledger, Matthias Siewert, Betsabé de la Barreda-Bautista, Andrew Sowter, David Gee, Giles Foody, and Doreen S. Boyd
Biogeosciences, 20, 4221–4239,,, 2023
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We measured the soil N-oxide gases, N2O and NO in four land uses of Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia. We aimed to assess the impact of forest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations on these N-oxide gases. We found that there were no differences in soil N-oxide fluxes among land uses. However, soil N-oxide fluxes increased following N-fertilizer application in oil palm plantations. We estimated an annual soil N-oxide emission of 361 t N yr−1 from N fertilization for the Jambi province.
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